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What is EaszTurn Bedsore Free Device?

Many of us do not realize how much we move in our sleep. A bed partner may not understand, but it is a good thing that we toss and turn. That constant movement redistributes the pressure between our bodies and the mattress.

When a patient is confined to bed because of illness or an injury, he may move very little, if at all. This results in increased pressure on specific parts of the body, particularly the lower part of your back near the buttocks, your ankles, or sides of the patient lying sideways.

In just a couple of hours, that pressure will squeeze the capillary, which is delivering blood to the skin and its underlying tissue. Without oxygen, skin and nearby tissues will die. Metabolic waste will not get flushed out. At this point, bedsore has begun. It is also known as pressure or decubitus ulcer.

Today, I introduce to you to a product that can prevent bedsores. EaszTurn Bedsore Free Device (EaszTurn Mat) is an inflatable mat that enables patients to be safely turned from back to their sides with minimal assistance from a care provider. It uses inflatable air chambers that gently lift and rotate the patient. It provides a safe and smooth transition with no jerky, pulling, sliding, or risk to the patient. Best of all, it requires no physical effort from you. It is compatible with almost every bed, making it the perfect solution for the homecare provider.

 Ease for caregivers

A lot of healthcare workers get affected due to constantly changing the position of the patient. This physical labor put healthcare workers at risk. Many care providers experience back pain, muscle strain while trying to turn the patient to their sides. This can result in sick days for the health care providers. Which can further result in loss of wages for care providers and, worse, serious injury.

EaszTurn Bedsore Free Device is a revolutionary medical device that does the heavy lifting for you. It eliminates the need for manual labor to change the position of the patient. It will reduce the physical strain on nurses and caregivers. Most importantly, hospitals will no longer have to spend a heap load of money in treating the bedridden patients who developed bedsores. If every hospital invests in EaszTurn Bedsore Free Device. It can significantly reduce the loss of money and also decrease its mortality rate due to pressure ulcers leading to septicemia. Hospitals can focus more on providing the best care to other patients, and the nurses and caregivers can stay healthy and perform at their peak without getting tired.

 EaszTurn Aim and Mission

At EaszTurn, their mission is to find innovative, cost-effective, and high-quality ways to improve healthcare services. They not only reduce physical labor but also provide the best care and comfort to their customers. Their aim is to revolutionize the lives of their customers by combining the technology with smart innovation. Their main goal is to assist caregivers and nurses in taking care of their patients and eliminate the risk of developing health complications.

 Final Verdict

EaszTurn Bedsore Free Device is an excellent product that provides protection against bed sores and pressure ulcers. You may encounter a lot of bed pads that claim to prevent bedsores, but the reality is they offer little to no benefit to the patient. They are not active as EaszTurn Mat. They do not change the position of the patient but rather provide a soft surface underneath their body. Caregivers still have to reposition the patient by themselves. EaszTurn Mat removes the labor of the caregiver and lets him focus more on the patient's other issues. It repositions the patient by itself without the need of any other person. This is a revolutionary device that is worth every penny.

Hospitals should also invest in it to decrease their mortality rate and also reduce their losses due to providing additional treatment to the patients who developed bedsores.