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Preventing Bedsores with EaszTurn Anti-decubitus Air Mattress

Preventing Bedsores with EaszTurn Anti-decubitus Air Mattress

Caring for a loved one with a serious illness can be challenging, especially when they are bedridden. Most people dread the possibility of taking care of a fully bedridden loved one. But what if you find yourself in such a position. Where, it is either your parent, grandparent, or a close friend combating some terminal disease. You have to do everything to make their life comfortable so they could enjoy the quality of life.

While doing so, you need to keep in mind that they are now more prone to complications. These include loss of muscle tone, degeneration of bones, hypotension, and thromboembolism. However, the most common challenge is bedsores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers. At such difficult and uncertain times, some questions will come to your mind. Will bedsores heal? Will bedsores cause death? What is best for bedsores or pressure ulcers? Is a bedsore mattress helpful? Which mattress is best for bedsore? In this article, we will answer your questions and much more.

What is an EaszTurn Anti-decubitus Air Mattress?

EaszTurn anti-decubitus air mattress is a pressure-relieving bedsore mattress. It is designed to help completely immobile bedridden patients. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, and people at home use it to care for bedridden patients. It prevents the development of bedsores and pressure ulcers in immobile patients.

How do Bedsores develop?

Before we discuss the role of EaszTurn mattress in preventing bedsores, let’s understands how bedsores develop. Bedsores or pressure ulcers develop when constant pressure is applied to a part of the skin. These are usually more common in bony areas of the body. The heel and sacrum are more prone to develop bedsores (heel pressure ulcers, sacral pressure ulcers). Almost seventy-five percent of bedsore injuries develop around the sacrum. Bedsores usually start near a bony prominence. The pressure is almost 3 to 5 times greater in bony areas than in other parts.

When external pressure increases the inner pressure of the blood vessels, it blocks the flow of blood to that area (ischemia). Loss of blood flow to the cells leads to failure of their normal functions. This is followed by cell death, edema, and inflammation in that area. The bedsores tend to increase in size if left untreated. Later on, infections also develop in bedsores. This can lead to life-threatening conditions in patients. In some cases, the death of the patient also occurs.

How does EaszTurn mattress Prevent Bedsores?

If you have a bedridden loved one, preventing bedsores should be the priority. Once body sores or pressure ulcers develop, they take a long time to heal. The key aspect in preventing bedsores is repositioning the patient. Changing the body position is a physical task. It usually requires you to assist the patient. This reduces the constant pressure from a specific area of the body. Similarly, the EaszTurn bedsore mattress helps to change the patient’s body position.

It is an inflatable medical device that uses air pressure to change body position. It can shift the body from back to side and vice versa. EaszTurn mattress uses a pressure pump to inflate and deflate the mattress. It shifts the pressure from one part to other while changing the sides of the immobile patient. The risk of bedsores or pressure ulcers is related to the amount of pressure and duration of that pressure. The parts of the body under constant pressure tend to be affected first. High pressure for a shorter period does not cause harm. EaszTurn mattress follows this principle. As it does not allow pressure to develop at one particular place for a longer time. This way EaszTurn bedsore mattress removes the possibility of bedsores, bed ulcers, or pressure ulcers.

Does the EaszTurn mattress Heal Bedsores?

EaszTurn anti bedsore mattress not only prevents but also helps the body heal bedsore. It repositions the body of the patient, taking the pressure off the vulnerable parts. Thus, enabling blood flow to parts where bedsores are present. Due to increased blood flow, healing starts in that area.

How does EaszTurn anti-bedsore mattress Help you Avoid Back pain?

Your bedridden loved ones often need physical assistance in performing daily functions. This includes taking medicine, repositioning themselves, and eating. While performing these vital functions for them, you put physical strain on your back muscles. This often results in backaches or severe back spasms. It will force you to take sick leaves, impacting your work performance negatively. Physical labor can also take a toll on your long-term health as well. As you take care of your loved ones in times of their terminal sickness, you should also focus on your health. EaszTurn takes away the physical strain off your back. It performs tasks with your minimum assistance that otherwise require your physical efforts. Thus, providing you much-needed support in taking care of your loved ones.



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